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The power of touch

Massage therapy has been practised throughout most cultures for thousands of years for one simple reason. It is a powerful healer.

Today more than ever, as the stress and strain of our fast paced lives take their toll on our bodies, massage is no longer looked upon as a luxury spa treatment, but a necessity to rebalance and improve our health and well being.  

Simply Natural Massage Therapy is your sanctuary where you can relieve stress, tension and muscle fatigue and all in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere by professional and accredited massage therapists. 

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The benefits of massage

Massage therapy has many health benefits to help you enjoy life more. It  can help ease or prevent many common ailments by allowing the body to naturally heal itself. Massage has been shown to:

  • reduce stress hormones
  • alleviate pain and boost the immune system
  • soothe tension related headaches
  • reduce blood pressure
  • improve alertness at work or study
  • release muscle tightness
  • improve range of motion and flexibility
  • combat depressive symptons

Our remedial massage therapists are fully qualified and experienced in many massage therapy disciplines and are committed to helping you achieve great results and finding the most effective treatment for you.

HICAPS now available for most private health funds